FORMER users of the 58 and 59 bus are appealing for people to send their opinions on public transport cuts to Cirencester Town Council.

The two buses, which served Chesterton and Stratton, were a lifeline to those without a car who needed to get in and out of town but was declared as not cost effective by Stagecoach at the time.

After a reduction of service in June of this year some passengers have complained that the last bus out of town is now far too early.

Head of Cirencester Disability Information Service Dee Drinan has seen the effects of the bus cut on her clients who are often stuck without transport.

She said: “The forms we fill in normally take between two and four hours and they have no way of getting home if they can’t afford a taxi, as the DWP won’t pay for it.

“Every single patient who lives in Chesterton has to be at the bus stop by 2.30pm and it’s not long enough to do your shopping or see your doctor. Also, for people who are going to the hospital, it’s a nightmare.

“Disabled people shouldn’t have to pay for taxis as they have a very limited budget already.”

Peggy Tout, one of the members of Chesterton Bus Action agreed, saying: “Really I’m just a passenger who is affected, as many other passengers are.

“It means elderly people, those with disabilities and those who don’t drive have real problems getting to and from town.

“We’re working with two councils, Cirencester Town Council and Gloucestershire County Council. They said they are working very hard to get another service in place but we are still waiting.”

Roly Hughes, councillor for Chesterton Ward, is also outraged by with the cuts.

He said: “People with cardiac problems, diabetes and other hidden disabilities are suffering because now they all have to walk home. It’s also affecting people with hospital appointments.”

The Town Council is currently deciding whether to put a case to Gloucestershire County Council and is welcoming opinions from former bus passengers.

To have your say email Andrew Tubb at or write to Peggy Tout of Chesterton Bus Action at