CORINIUM Radio is almost ready to launch its online broadcast and take the station 24/7.

Although the schedule is still being drawn up organisers are delighted with the influx of new members and are calling for anyone with an idea to pitch a programme to them.

The community radio station based in Bingham House has been operating a twice yearly broadcast for some time, often coinciding with important events in the town, and has been supported throughout by Cirencester Town Council.

Volunteers run the station, raise funds to cover operating costs and broadcasting fees and range in age from 10 years old to some in their 70s.

All training is provided by the group, with guidance available for any role from sound engineer to radio host.

The team currently has about 30 volunteers but want as many people as possible to get involved, particularly those interested in learning about

the technical side.

Recording a programme can take as little as an hour and technically trained staff can help with editing and producing if help is needed.

Chairman Carole Boyd said: “We have been planning for the last few months and are now gathering pace and getting really positive about it. It’s just exactly what we want to do.”

“We are looking for people who have something to say. It might be music programmes, interviewing or anything else.”

“We want to reflect the thoughts and the concerns of the people of Cirencester.”

Cirencester Mayor Joe Harris welcomed the move on behalf of the town council.

He said: “I’m really delighted. It’s been going since 2006 and it’s good that they can go 24/7 at last.”

Joe was involved with his own show several years ago and enjoyed the freedom he was allowed with the show.

He said: “It was good as well because I was able to make my own jingles. It’s really nice to have such a friendly local radio station.”

Annual membership cost £10, or £7.50 for those still in education. Volunteers under 14 should be accompanied to meetings.

The next open meeting will be on September 2 in the Bingham Library at 6.45, with a view to begin broadcasting online in late September.

To find out more visit or email Carole Boydell at