STAFF and pupils at Malmesbury School celebrated a vintage A Level year with a record 89 per cent of grades at A* to C.

Handing out results this morning, head Tim Gilson said: “These results are amongst the best the school has ever recorded with 37 per cent of grades at A*or A, 63 per cent of the grades A* or B and 100 per cent A* to E grades.”

He paid tribute to the youngsters for “working incredibly hard and achieving such strong academic results.”

The largest number of entries was in academic subjects including maths and the sciences.

Among the best performers were Bryony Jones, who achieved A*s in biology, chemistry and maths, Jack Clarke with two A*s in maths and further maths and an A in history, Beth Cole who earned an A* in art and As in biology and chemistry and Marc McCouig who scored four As in maths, further maths, music technology and physics.

A total of 14 per cent of the year earned at least three A* or A grades.