WINDOWS and car windscreens have come under heavy attack at homes in Cirencester at Kemble this month.

Gloucestershire Police are appealing for information after home windows and car windscreens were smashed with lumps of stone.

The incidents took place overnight between August 8-9.

The first incident happened on Berkeley Road in Cirencester. A kitchen window was smashed using stone possibly taken from a garden wall shortly after midnight. A vehicle, possibly an early-model Ford Focus, had driven onto the driveway and then sped off towards Somerford Road.

Also damaged were a silver Saab 95 Areo and a silver Skoda Yeti. The roofs and bonnets were dented and scratched.

A large rock was also found on the doorstep where it had been thrown at a house door on August 9 on Siddington Road. There was no sign of a break-in.

Other incidents involved a large rock being thrown and smashing an upstairs window in Preston and a rock thrown through a downstairs window in Windmill Road, Kemble.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact Gloucestershire Police on 101.