SLEEPY Cirencester boasts the fifth largest money comparison site, one many people have not even heard of yet. receives more visitors per month than the popular and well-known comparison site

Yet the website, which is based on Cecily Hill, right next to peaceful Cirencester Park, is still well under the radar as far as most people are concerned.

Managing director of, Chris Morling, said that the company, which only has 30 members of staff, had got to this impressive stage without any real advertising at all. But now he believes the time has come to start becoming a household name.

“Our increase in traffic is predominantly through online marketing and we have got to an incredible position. More than 23 million people have used our service already this year but many would not be able to differentiate us from our competitors, an issue we plan to address.”

The firm will be releasing the advert across 36 different TV channels in less than two weeks but Chris has said they will be going for a subtle advertising approach.

“There will be no funny animals or people singing. It will be a very simple, stylish advert.”

The business is facing a radical overhaul, including a major re-brand and website design alongside the launch of its first advertising campaign, just in time for its sixth birthday. attracts near to 2.5 million visitors every month, and despite not being well-known, the company is up in the top five largest comparison sites in the UK, along with the opera-singing Go Compare and the meerkat-loving Compare the Market.

The business’s mission is to offer people the simplest and most useful service in the sector.

Already the firm has added a range of tools which will make financial comparison even easier for potential customers to find their way around.

Staff have ambitious plans for growth and aim to increase traffic by 40 per cent in the next year.

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