TWO car crashes have been reported in the space of five days on a small road in Siddington.

Both incidents occurred on the bend where South Cerney Road meets Ashton Road and both involved someone damaging cars parked by residents of Ashton Road.

The first incident on Friday August 8 saw a car stopped by police after it was seen driving through the village at 60mph, almost hitting a car door and damaging a car on Ashton road before driving off.

Tuesday’s incident involved a 74 year old woman driving a black Skoda Yeti which ploughed into the back of a parked Mini Cooper and badly scratched the side of another car.

The Mini sustained damage to its rear bumper, had its airbags inflated by the impact and was pushed out of position by the force of the speeding 4x4, leaving tyre marks on the road.

The elderly driver’s car was also damaged and her airbags inflated, but she was lucky enough to escape with minor injuries.

Police and ambulance staff were on the scene quickly to deal with the driver’s injuries in the nearby Post Office and to take statements from residents.

The car which was scratched in the incident had only been insured for three days as it was recently bought second hand and has already been taken for repairs.

One of the affected residents complained that she had spoken to the police twice in one week as a result of the incidents and suggested that traffic calming measures were needed for the street.

She said: “If we don’t park here then they'll come round that bend even faster. It’s just crackers.”

“God knows what it has done to the chassis, I just don’t know yet.”

Iain (CORR) Hughes, who has lived in the area for nearly 30 years, says he saw the second incident and could not believe what the woman claimed happened.

He said: “The Skoda was coming from the right and there was no way she was doing 30.”

Iain explained that the problem with people speeding down the street was temporarily halted around ten years ago when a speed camera was installed.

However the speed camera has since been removed and the problem of reckless drivers has returned to blight the village despite letter being sent to Cotswold District Council.