BANK users in Cheltenham are being warned to check cash-points before use to avoid having their details stolen.

Police are also urging people to hide their pin numbers after several card-trapping devices were found over the weekend.

An engineer discovered a device attached to the card slot of a supermarket cash machine in Up Hatherley on Monday, July 28 while a strip of metal was found hidden next to the card slot of an ATM at another supermarket in Honeybourne Way on Saturday, August 2.

It's believed the devices could have been used to trap customer bank cards or record PINs, enabling those responsible to steal money from people's accounts.

There were no reports of customers' bank cards being trapped but anyone whose card was trapped at either location should make contact with their bank and cancel their card immediately.

During July a hidden camera was discovered over a supermarket cash machine in Chalford, a device was fixed to a machine at a bank in Bristol Road in Gloucester and in Cheltenham a strip of plastic was attached to a machine at a bank in Rutherford Way.

PC Annabel Brittain said: “It’s very disappointing that despite several offenders being dealt with for cash-point card-trapping here recently others are still attempting to do the same.

"Don’t let them get away with your hard-earned money: check cash-points carefully and always cover your PIN.

"The message to offenders is don’t do this here – you will be looking at a lengthy prison sentence if you get caught and, if you’re from another country, are likely to be deported.”