WHEN a farmer spotted an enormous crop circle in his field near Tetbury last week he was furious– but now he has gone full circle and grown to love it.

Henry Arden discovered a 200ft pentagram-shaped circle in his field near Cherington on Monday, July 28 .

Images of the circle went viral online and the result was that scores of crop-circle fanatics flocked to the field to catch a glimpse of the circle.

After initially feeling angry and shocked, Mr Arden has now got used to the pentagram, a symbol often used by the Wicca and Pagan religions.

“I was extremely angry about it because I did not want thousands of people trampling on my field,” he told the Standard.

“Having said that I rather enjoy it now. It is a work of art but to make it they have destroyed my work of art.

“Lots of friends of mine have been turning up to see it.”

Mr Arden, who is also a photographer, said he was adamant that the crop circle was the work of a human being and not of aliens from outer space.

He said: “It was absolutely not aliens. It was done by somebody or persons unknown.

“Aliens haven’t landed and sucked my brain out. It was done by somebody that was highly organised.”

Although now fond of the artwork, it will not be long before Mr Arden gets rid of it for good.

On Tuesday he told the Standard: “If it hadn’t rained today, I would have harvested the field today.

“As soon as it is dry enough I will be harvesting the field.”

To view a video of the crop circle recorded by the website then click on the link