POLICE and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl has praised the work of the Police Rehabilitation Centre following a recent visit.

After being run over by a fleeing criminal in 1982 Martin Surl is more familiar than most with the services that the centre has to offer.

The burglar from that incident was arrested for attempted murder, prosecuted and jailed but the incident left Mr Surl in need of a fortnight of rehabilitation.

Although he was sent to the forerunner to the current centre he was delighted to see the changes and good work going on at Flint house in Oxfordshire.

Speaking about the centre he said: "It's quite different from the time I was undergoing treatment at the seaside home, but the principle is the same, helping officers to get better after illness or injury.”

"Where in my day, it was generally bed-rest and physiotherapy, the rehabilitation programme here is tailored to the individual and these days can include a wide variety of treatments, from acupuncture to psychological support."

The centre is mostly funded by voluntary contributions from police officers serving in member forces.

Last year Flint House treated 49 Gloucestershire Police officers, 3,700 officers from across the UK and expects to treat more than 4,000 patients in 2014.