TOO many people are killed on roads in the Cotswolds. It appears to be a phenomena of modern age people in a hurry and if the speed limit is 60mph then that is the speed people will travel regardless of the road conditions; bends, potholes, rain or ice.

The Cotswolds has the most dangerous roads out of the whole of Gloucestershire, with far too many accidents, injuries and deaths. Measures must be taken to reduce this death toll.

This week we launch a campaign to cut the dangerously high speed limit on the road by Waterland in South Cerney where a man was killed earlier this month.

Next week we will be reporting on another, equally important campaign to cut the speed limit on the ring road around Cirencester where there have been 37 accidents and two fatalities during the last three years.

People’s lives would not have to be cut short in this way if only we could drive more slowly. Yet it seems drivers will only do so if compelled by the law.

Please spread the word of this vital campaign. Write to your local county councillor, write to the leader of Gloucestershire County Council, Mark Hawthorne, and do your bit by signing the e-petition. Working together we can reduce the speed of our roads and save lives.