A SURVEY carried out by a Fairford resident asking locals if they like having the world-famous Royal International Air Tattoo based in their hometown came back with an overwhelmingly positive result.

Chris Roberts manages the Facebook page, What's on in Fairford and surrounding areas, to keep the community up-to-date with events and news.

After this year's Air Tattoo took place she decided, just for fun, to post a question to her 600 plus followers, asking them if they enjoy living in the town where RIAT is held once a year, attracting thousands of aircraft enthusiats from all over the world.

Chris said she did not expect the huge response she received. Nearly 300 people commented on her post, with an overwhelming 98 per cent of them saying that they liked having the airshow in the town.

"I received a couple of negative comments originally about RIAT which made me think of asking the question," said Chris. "Some people said they thought local businesses did not benefit enough.

"I couldn't believe how many people commented."

Chris recently posted on her Facebook page to say that she had passed on the information she collected from the comments to the organisers of the Air Show.

"Some people posted constructive comments on how to improve things with regard to traffic control and ticket pricing," she said in her post. "The organisers of the Air Tattoo have taken these comments on board and will be seriously considering them for next year."