CIRENCESTER businessman is bringing a state-of-the art unicycle to the European market.

The Wheel, a battery powered transportation device was introduced in China a few months ago and now Stephen Gear wants to be one of the first people to import it in Europe.

Riders of the device, which weighs 9.8kg, stand on it and simply lean forward and backwards to propel themselves at speeds of up to 18km per hour.

Stephen has secured a deal with R & R Tools & Fixings in Cirencester to sell the self-balancing device and he is trying to find more parties to sell the product across the UK and Holland.

Stephen is enthusiastic that The Wheel, which he was showcasing at the Air Tattoo in Fairford earlier this month, will be a big hit with people from all walks of life.

He said: “It is the smallest lightest way there is to transport a human being from a to b. It is a great opportunity for selling them. It is certainly something I see as a long term product.

“It would appeal to city goers, commuters or just people who want to get around town.”

Similarly to riding a bicycle, riders of The Wheel, which Stephen is selling at £499, balance themselves by slightly tilting sideways.

The battery on the device, last for around 10 hours and takes an hour to fully charge.

For more information contact Stephen on 07587130226.

To view a video of the Wheel in action click on the link