The family of the Mariola Martin, who was killed on the A303 on Sunday, July 27, have issued a tribute to her.

Wiltshire Police are still appealing for witnesses following a fatal crash on the A303 at the weekend.

The incident took place at around 12.54pm on Sunday, July 27 at the A303 Mere Bypass on the eastbound carriageway.

The crash involved a broken down Mazda MX5 which was stationary in the inside lane and a lorry.

The Mazda was struck from behind by the lorry which was travelling east.

The driver of the Mazda died at the scene as a result of her injuries and has now been formally identified as Mariola Martin, 53, from Swindon.

Her family said:

"Mariola Martin, 53, was a vibrant and energetic woman that loved life. She was the sort of person that overcame her personal challenges with humour and persistence.

"Born in Poland into a family of 9 siblings, she was a spirited and confident child who went on to study catering at college where she developed amazing culinary skills.

"She travelled to Swindon when she was 17 for a study break to spend time with her eldest sister.
"During this time she met her first husband with whom she had two wonderful children.

"Unfortunately, the marriage didn't work out, but Mariola, a hard-working person, took on two jobs (at Debenhams and Wise's) so that she could raise her two small children, which she did as a single parent.
"She later moved on to Honda and then to Dyson's where she was happy.
"In 2011 she suffered the loss of her eldest
child, Joey, to suicide, which brought with it an immense sense of loss.
"From that time she devoted herself to her two dogs, her gardening and her daughter who introduced her to a selfhelp group for families who had lost loved ones to suicide.

"Mariola was just getting her life back on track, through this group, when she was tragically taken from her family.

"She also lost one of her two dogs in this sad event.

"She is survived by her daughter Jewelly and her beloved dog Harry.

"She will be missed by all of her family and friends who loved her deeply for her innocence, charm and exuberance.