A CIRENCESTER community group wish to work with the county council to renovate a popular pathway which has fallen into disrepair.

The Park Community Group have spent the past few months tidying up the Riverside pathway which leads to the Open Air Swimming Pool in Cirencester.

The group are hoping the County Council, which is responsible for the maintenance of the pathway, can spend more time taking care of it.

Patrick Moylan, a member of the group said: “It is obvious that this is a very popular and well used amenity and we shall try and see whether the Highways department who are responsible for maintenance can move it up their list of priorities” said Mr. Moylan.

As part of their recent renovation work the group cut back overgrowth and tidied up the section from the swimming pool to Barton Lane

John Lane, public right of way lead at the county council said the council are very happy to discuss with the group how improvements can be made to the pathway.

He said: “The recent summer weather has seen shrubbery thrive. Our team is busy working to keep growth under control across the county. We have to prioritise the most essential routes, but we would be delighted to talk with Park Community Group about how we can help.”