HOT weather has been baking the Cotswolds with temperatures consistently measuring in the 20s for several weeks.

Despite showers and the odd flash of lightning Cotswold businesses have been making the most of the summer sun, bringing in more staff, serving more customers and having more fun.

Cirencester’s Dolcetti has been enjoying the spike in temperature as the warm air has brought many more customers to the parlour to sample gelatos, sorbets and milkshakes.

Dolcetti’s owner Rob Gibson said: “We’re busy. Very very busy. We’ve had to take on an extra member of staff to help with the business.”

“We’re running long, long hours from 6.30 until midnight six days a week.”

As demand increased Rob has introduced two new flavours, a pomegranate ice cream and an Alphonso mango sorbet and was happy to report both are selling well.

Butts Farm Rare Breeds Farm has also reported an increase in numbers, suggesting as many as twice the usual number of visitor may have visited in the last few weeks.

Izzy Brown added that there is currently a Groupon offer online to coincide with the school summer holidays which has attracted visitors.

Speaking about the pigs being cooled with a hose she said: “All the animals are being kept happy and hydrated and sprayed if it is particularly hot.”

Cirencester’s Outdoor Pool has also been benefiting from the warm weather.

Manager Dan Beebee said: “It’s been doing amazingly. We’ve been very busy every day since the school holidays started.”

The pool has had fun days, barbeques and has reached full capacity most days this week.

Dan said: “We’re only able to have up to 150 people in the pool so after that we have to stop admitting people and it becomes one in, one out.”