WILTSHIRE could introduce its own version of the Oyster travel card used by commuters in the capital.

Cllr Magnus Macdonald, Liberal Democrat spokesman for transport and highways, has suggested developing a smart card for the county to pay for public transport, parking and other services.

Describing the plan as a move into the 21st Century he claimed that the move could reduce the cost of storing and transporting cash, leading to fairer transport costs.

He said: "It could right the wrong of our council being the biggest change cheat in the country and stop them taking hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of change out of the pockets of Wiltshire residents."

His proposal for the council to begin looking into the idea was due to be discussed by the unitary authority this week.

Cllr Magnus Macdonald said: “It was enthusiastically received and accepted by the leadership of the council.

“They were very complimentary on the thorough preparation of the motion that was prepared by the Lib dem group with advice and assistance from the council’s officers.”

Lib Dem leader Cllr Jon Hubbard added: "This is the sort of joined up strategic thinking that our council should be doing.

“We need to be bold in Wiltshire and take on the challenge of developing something that I believe will really benefit local residents."

Cllr Macdonald compared the card idea to similar systems in other counties such as Norfolk and a proposed scheme for Oxford, also citing an EU study on public transport smart cards.