VOLUNTEERS are needed to foster working cocker spaniels in Gloucestershire.

Working Cocker Spaniel Rescue is a voluntary organisation which seeks to find homes for cocker spaniels who have been given up by their owner.

Founder Sarah Priddle explained: “Often the dogs we get have been very much loved in their previous homes but their owners just did not understand what they were taking on my getting a working cocker spaniel and do not have the time to dedicate to the dog.”

The organisation operates mainly in Gloucestershire and Somerset but can re-home dogs anywhere in the UK.

Despite being the only breed specific rescue focusing on working cocker spaniels the organisation has found homes for 150 dogs, has eight families signed up for more and has gained 10,000 likes on Facebook.

Fostering a dog involves looking after it for between 4 and 10 weeks while the organisation looks for a permanent home for it.

All dogs up for fostering are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and WCSR will cover any medical bills associated with the dogs and provide food if necessary.

For more information about fostering a dog visit http://www.workingcockerspanielrescue.co.uk/