ADVENTURER Kenton Cool has announced his plans for yet another exciting expedition.

The Gloucestershire based mountaineer has climbed Everest 11 times and, among his other achievements, was the first person to make a phone call from the top of the world’s highest mountain.

His latest challenge is to scale the three highest peaks in the world in the space of three months.

The three mountains he plans to climb are Everest, Kanchejunga and the infamous K2.

The expedition plans to summit Everest at the start of May 2015, hopefully giving the team until early August to scale K2 and complete the challenge.

Despite his experience Kenton recognizes that this challenge will be dangerous and, potentially deadly.

He said: “My experience in the mountains over nearly 25 years means that I have an ability to calculate the risks and act accordingly, yes it’s a dangerous expedition, climbing in the death zone always is, but we feel we have the experience and depth of knowledge to make the right decisions.”

Kenton explained that this trip would push him to his limits both physically and mentally but said that the hardest part would be being away from his family for three months.

Most of all Kenton’s latest trip aims to inspire the next generation of adventurers.

He has teamed up with illustrator John Howe, who will capture Kenton’s trip up the mountain and add his artwork to a series of photographs and videos documenting the trip as it goes along.

As well as his usual trail running and bike riding in the Cotswolds Kenton will spend time over the winter training in the Alps to prepare himself for the altitudes he will be experiencing throughout the trip.

Speaking about the teams he will be climbing with he said: “On the mountains in Nepal I’ll be climbing with my long term Sherpa friend Dorje, a great man who is super strong at altitude.

“Pakistan is a different beast, I’ve not climbed there since the late 90s so my relationships are not so strong there.”

Kenton’s plan for K2 in Pakistan is to use a team recommended by a friend and fellow mountaineer named Russell Brice.

Kenton said: “Russell is a straight talking Kiwi who I know will provide great support when I need it.”

Kenton’s final team member is Mr Stripey, a toy mouse currently in the hands of his four year old daughter which has joined him on more adventures than many of his human companions.