FUNERAL costs in Gloucestershire are some of the lowest in the country according to research conducted by Engage Mutual.

The average cost of a cremation in Gloucestershire is the eleventh cheapest in the UK, coming to £2,869, while a cremation in Wiltshire will cost an average of £3,158.

By comparison the average cost of burial in Gloucestershire, including grave digging and an obituary comes to £4,305 with the same services costing £4,737 in Wiltshire.

The most expensive place to be buried in the country is London, costing an average of £7,490 while the cheapest place to be buried is Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, costing around £3,120.

The company’s new funeral costs tracker also revealed that the price of cremations and burials have steadily climbed by 12 and 11 per cent respectively since 2012.

The average cost of a funeral in the UK based on the most recent figures comes to a total £4,690 for a burial and £3,239 for a cremation.

Engage Mutual also predicts that these costs could rise in the future, giving an estimate of £9,091 for a cremation and £13,164 for a burial by the year 2044.