A RANDOM attack in Cirencester has left one mother with a black eye and the drive to improve local CCTV coverage.

Zara Stephenson was walking home from work in the town centre at around 11.25pm with several bags of shopping.

The mother of two rested her bags on a bench for a few moments and a silver car with a muffled exhaust approached her slowly.

She saw four people inside the car, at which point one leaned out of the window behind the driver to throw something.

The person who threw the egg was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up and a baseball cap pulled low over their face.

Zara was hit in the face in the face by the egg and, after her attackers sped off, called her husband.

Her husband contacted the police, but officers were at a separate incident in Lechlade and later arranged to meet her the next day.

After being sent home from work and taking a trip to hospital Zara is still suffering a nasty black eye and is unhappy with the police response so far.

She asked police whether the y could access CCTV images of the car as it drove down Cricklade Street but they said that it was unlikely due to the fact that the camera only took stills every few seconds.

Zara also believes she saw two people walking the opposite direction just before the attack and while they may have missed the incident she hopes they might help identify the car.

She said: “It happened so quickly that I didn’t know what to do. I just froze.

“It scares my children because they don’t understand what happened.”

Now Zara is hoping to gather support for a CCTV camera in the area to prevent future attacks.

She is concerned that without better surveillance the area will continue to be the site of attacks and plans to hand a petition to the town council calling for the installation of a camera near Watermoor school.

She said: “I don’t want this to disappear.”

If you witnessed the incident or have any information that might help police investigations please call 101, quoting incident 640 of 23/07/14.