STAFF from Cirencester Friendly Society are braving the sun on an exercise bike today to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

Volunteers will pedal the bike from 10am-4pm outside their office in the town centre with fourteen staff members taking part.

After two weeks of fundraising the team have smashed their £200 target and are now approaching and impressive £600 of funds raised.

The business has been in the town for 125 years but this is its first fundraising effort out on the street.

Fundraising efforts inside the office include a cake sale, a competition to guess the length of a piece of string and a more traditional sweet jar guessing game.

Marketing manager Ann-Marie Russell explained that staff had chosen this charity to support for the year as one of their co-workers, Jane Mason, died of breast cancer several years ago.

The team spent the morning in the shade provided by their office building but throughout the day the volunteers will have to endure the summer temperatures while cycling.

Susie Beard-Moore, the event’s organiser said: “After about 11.30 this area gets full sun. We could end up looking like raspberries!”

To support their cause visit the team on the High Street or donate through their JustGiving page here