A WOMAN who was attacked by a group of strangers while walking home from work has suffered a bad black.

During the incident Zara Stephenson was walking home from work in the town centre at around 11.25pm with several bags of shopping.

The mother of two rested her bags on a bench for a few moments and a silver car approached her slowly.

She saw several people inside the car, at which point one leaned out to throw something which hit her in the eye.

Shocked and disoriented by the seemingly random attack Zara realised she had been hit in the face with an egg and called her husband, who notified the police.

Officers were asked to visit her but were at a separate incident in Lechlade and later arranged to meet her the next day.

After being sent home from work and a trip to hospital Zara is still suffering a nasty black eye.

Her mother, Jacqueline Gwinnett said: “In my book it’s an assault on her. She could have lost an eye.”

“She’s a young woman and a mother of two children trying to get work for extra money. For this to happen is unbelievable.”

If you witnessed the incident or have any information that might help police investigations please call 101, quoting incident 640 of 23/07/14.