A YOUNG bride has been given an award for saving a man’s life after he collapsed in Fairford Market Place.

Beth Davies, 25, was driving home from the final part of a first-aid refresher course she had been taking in Cheltenham.

As she drove through the Market Place, the nursery worker saw well-known town councillor Trevor Hing lying in the road with blood coming from his mouth.

She immediately rushed to help, knowing she had the necessary first-aid equipment in the boot of her car.

“When I got over there I saw that the man doing the chest compressions on Trevor was doing them wrong,” said Beth. “Trevor was going blue. So I said I had just been doing a first-aid course and I was told to take over.”

Beth spent almost ten minutes administering CPR to 63-year-old Mr Hing, who had suffered a cardiac arrest. She only stopped when two local doctors, Rohit and Veronica Sethi, and an ambulance arrived.

“I was really shaken,” she said. “My hands were covered in blood and I could feel myself almost going into shock.

“You just don’t expect to have to ever do that to someone.”

Mr Hing was airlifted to Bristol Heart Institute, where he spent a week in intensive care. He said that Beth’s prompt action saved his life that day.

“My heart stopped three times and I was down for 30 minutes,” said Trevor. “When I saw a consultant after he said I was extremely lucky. It really was touch and go. My son even flew over from the States to be here.

“There is no doubt in my mind that without Beth I would not be here today.”

Beth was due to be married at St Mary’s Church in Fairford only weeks after the incident. Mr Hing attended the ceremony and the pair had an emotional reunion.

“I am extremely grateful to Beth and all those people who came to my aid,” said Mr Hing. “I would encourage everyone to get first-aid training. Beth’s award is richly deserved.”

The newly-married woman was awarded a certificate only last week from the Royal Humane Society for her act of bravery in the Market Place that day.

Nominated by Fairford resident and councillor Chris Roberts, Beth said she felt honoured and privileged to have even been considered.

"I would have done it for anyone and I hope I never have to use my first aid skills again," she said.

Beth has since moved from Fairford to Middle Wallop with her new husband Jonathan Davies.