APPROVAL has been granted to controversial plans to build a structure to house fifty goats just outside Cricklade.

Wiltshire Council’s Northern Area Planning Committee voted on Wednesday July 16 to approve the plans, subject to an additional requirement.

Conditions now applied to the application include the need for a plan for disposing of waste and soiled bedding, the demolition and complete removal of materials from the previous building and the removal of a caravan and sceptic tank which do not have permission to be on the land.

A number of residents complained in writing about the application, stating that it was intended to waste the committee’s time and stall action on enforcement notices previously served on the property.

As well as this residents have complained about the potential sound and smell of the goats, which the case officer Lydia Lewis suggested should not cause a disturbance to the residents.

The proposed enterprise aims to raise between 50 and 70 goats per year, selling 50 for meat and a further 10 as pets through Cirencester Market and local advertising.