A RADIO station based in Cirencester is set to go live 24 hours a day, seven days a week this September.

Volunteer-run Corinium Radio is currently only able to broadcast twice a year, usually for big town events such as the Advent Festival and Cotswold Show.

Now, vice-chairman of the charity Geoff Carr has announced that the station plans to go live 24/7 via the internet.

"We are going to need a lot more volunteers," said Geoff. "We want as many people as we can get. It costs £2,000 a year to run the station and we're appealing to businesses to sponsor us if they can."

Corinium Radio had been preparing to apply for a license through Ofcom which would allow it to broadcast all year round. However, as Ofcom only offers such a license every four years, the station will not be invited to apply until September 2015 and even then, the application is extremely strict.

The radio station will be holding a public meeting on Tuesday, August 5 at 6.45pm in Cirencester Library, to try and recruit more volunteers.

Anyone interested in hearing more can call 07719 896039.