PROPOSALS for improvement work on a car park at Cirencester Hospital have been resubmitted.

The car park was closed by the Dowager Countess Bathurst in October and was expected to reopen weeks later with ticket barriers and payment machines.

But it was discovered that planning consent was needed to level and re-surface the car park and install kerbing, barriers and pay machines.

It was also pointed out that any work on the gravel topped car park would need to be approved by English Heritage as the car park was protected by ancient monument restrictions.

New plans for the car park, which is located just metres from the hospital’s entrance, were drawn up by the Dowager’s team and submitted to Cotswold District Council’s planning team last month.

The application states that the areas outlined for parking are of low archaeological interest and that new parking spaces have been outlined to replace areas that could not be included in the last application.

It also says that all of the new parking areas have less excavation of existing ground levels so as to avoid the need for supervision by Cotswold Archaeology.