SEVEN Cirencester College Performing Arts and A-Level Drama students will be performing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Their performance of Scandimania: Gods of Ice and Fire is the second production by The Sundial Theatre Company, which was set up by the College in September 2013.

The show is being performed at 1.10 pm every day from July 31 to August 10 at Sweet Venues in Edinburgh.

Ryan Walters, secretary of The Sundial Theatre Company and cast member, said: “To perform at the Fringe Festival is a fantastic opportunity, particularly for those of us looking at pursuing a career in performance. The show is lots of hard work with almost 100 hours of rehearsals, but will be more than worth it when we’re performing to the theatre lovers of the fringe.

“For me simply being exposed to this excitingly expressive form of theatre has been enough to get me hooked. The process of working and creating alongside such a fantastic team as we constantly take risks and push ourselves to our limits has been an experience in itself. Taking Scandimania and being able to show it to the Edinburgh audiences is just the cherry on top of the cake.” said Laurs Oakley, who plays Tyrr amongst other roles in the performance.

Scandimania is powerful production about Norse mythology, which has been devised by the students and director Duncan Walthew.

The students will be returning to perform the show on September 10 and 11.