HORSE trainer Allun Sutherland is set to compete in a televised boxing match raising funds for diabetes charity JDRF.

The event, organised by Zero to Hero boxing, is designed to give ordinary people the chance to transform themselves into fight night sensations over ten weeks of intense training.

Speaking about the preparation needed for the event Allun said: “It entirely takes up your life and you have to have a good strong family behind you really.”

“I underestimated how hard the training would be and how much time it took up.”

Weighing in at 80kg Allun has been classed as a middleweight fighter and has already lost two inches off his waistband thanks to his explosive training regime.

Completing roughly eight hours of training a week Allun has also endured a nose-breaking punch during training, which has miraculously corrected an older injury and is allowing him to breathe more clearly.

Allun explained that his work as a roofer kept him fit but admitted: “I haven’t been pushed physically this hard ever.”

Although he is still nervous about his bout against Bristol shop owner Dave Player Allun is excited about the prospect of the competition and raising more funds for his chosen charity.

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