PET owners in Siddington have been left in fear as 12 cats were recently found to be dead or missing.

Issues were raised at the latest Police Neighbourhood Co-ordination Group meeting which took place in the village near Cirencester on July 3.

One cat owner said he found his cat dead with blue foam coming out of its mouth. It was confirmed by a vet that the animal had been poisoned either with rat poison or anti-freeze.

Siddington Parish Councillor Alison Wagstaff said it was worrying and alarming that so many cats had gone missing in a short space of time.

"It's quite alarming because we do not have any control over cats. It could be a person being a bit careless with rat poison," said Alison, who is concerned for the safety of her own cat.

"If anyone sees any suspicious cannisters lying around it would be useful to know."

A spokesman from Gloucestershire Police said local officers will be speaking to the person that raised the issue at the meeting to get more facts.

He said: "Officers will then contact the owners of any cats that may have been harmed."

Do you know anything about the missing cats? Call Megan on 01285 627321.