DRIVERS who regularly use a major road out of Cirencester are having to change their route until September, due to roadworks.

Work at the London Road roundabout has been causing congestion throughout Cirencester since May. The 30-week project has set out to improve the whole road network close to the new Kingshill housing development.

Earlier this week Burford Road was closed to drivers going out of Cirencester towards the A417 and will remain closed until September, affecting commuters to Gloucester, Swindon or the North Cotswolds.

Project site manager Christian Chambers said closing the road to out-going traffic seemed like the most sensible solution while work was in place.

“If we had put traffic lights up, they affect traffic coming both ways,” he said. “By closing the road for out-going traffic, you’re only affecting one lane.

“Diversions have been in place since Monday,” he added. “Traffic is flowing quite freely at the moment and if people follow the diversion signs then there is no issue.”

Rumours that the road towards Stratton would be closed at the London Road roundabout have been quashed by Mr Chambers, who said there were no plans to block that route.

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