AHEAD of a fundraising trek up Everest Ewen’s Victoria Thirlwell has raised a colossal £5,000 with a charity auction.

The auction at the Tunnel House Inn was only one part of Victoria’s fundraising, however, and her latest effort has taken her up to £7,000 of her £10,000 fundraising goal.

Victoria is raising money for cancer charity Challenge for Life ahead of her climb up Everest which will see her trek 5,364 metres up the mountain, coping with the physical strain and high altitude all the way.

Victoria said “It seems that cancer touches almost everyone in some way or another nowadays – last year saw the loss of my brother Roger and my boyfriend’s mother Ruth Jenner, so this year I wanted to do my bit to support the fight against cancer”.

“I am extremely grateful to all of the people who donated lots for the auction as well as the Tunnel House for providing me with the venue as well as food and the welcome drinks. It was a great evening and I was humbled by people’s generosity.”

To donate to Victoria’s cause go to https://everestbasecamp-2014.everydayhero.com/uk/vic-s-everest-base-camp-challenge