COTTONS Lane in Tetbury has been closed on safety grounds whilst investigations into the design of a wall are carried out.

Construction of the stone wall on Cottons Lane, which replaced a wall that was damaged by flooding, was completed earlier this year.

Residents then became concerned the new wall was incorrectly designed and could collapse.

After these concerns were raised to Cotswold District Council (CDC) by Tetbury Town Council , CDC arranged for a structural evaluation of the design of the wall, and then announced the design was acceptable last month.

The Standard previously incorrectly reported that CDC said that the wall was safe.

Since then, CDC and Gloucestershire County Council received a letter from a structural engineer employed by residents, which raised concerns over the method of construction of the wall.

After discussing the situation, the two councils agreed to close the road until further investigations have been completed.

The wall is at the back of a property owned by Derick and Mary Mills.

Mrs Mills said: “We are pleased that they are looking at it again because we are concerned that our house is as safe as possible“