A YOUTH club in Cirencester has received enough funding to keep it open for the entire summer.

Ozone, based at the Impact Centre on Lewis Lane, is a weekly youth club for young people aged 13-19.

The club relies heavily on funding and this year received almost £3,000 from Cotswold District Council, allowing it to stay open once a week, on Wednesday’s, for the rest of this year.

“There isn’t much to do for young people in Cirencester,” said youth worker Clare Bartlett. “Travelling to Swindon or Cheltenham is just not affordable for some families. The club gives the young people a routine. When we used to shut down during summer before, some of them didn’t know when we would be open again.

“Now we can say we are open every week for the rest of the year.”

The youth club has been running since 2009 yet has never been open for the summer holidays before. It welcomes around 30-40 young people each week.

The grant of £2,272 from Cotswold district councillors in Cirencester will be going towards general running costs as well as the organisation of several discos for the youth club members.

Clare said that she hoped Cirencester Town Council will be able to supply Ozone with funding to stay open every summer in the future.