A CIRENCESTER ice cream company has scooped the award for the best new business of the year.

Dolcetti Ice Cream was awarded the accolade last month at the annual Cirencester Business Awards, organised by the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

The firm, based on Love Lane, boasts over 60 flavours made with fresh, local produce.

The cool company has gone from strength to strength during its first year. Not only does it attract customers in during the summer months, but owner Rob Gibson pulled in the crowds throughout winter too with his special Christmas flavours.

Yet Rob, who runs the company with his wife Janice, said he felt nothing but surprise when Dolcetti’s name was called out at the awards ceremony.

“We’ve only been open a year so I felt a bit taken aback really,” said Rob. “I understand it was quite a close contest. The pleasing thing for me is that people have seen the potential in the business.”

Selling a wide variety of flavours, from the well-known mint choc chip, to the more adventurous Dolcetti Chocolate, made with rum, cherries and chocolate ice cream, Dolcetti also sells fun ice cream cakes, sundaes and mini desserts.

New on the menu for this summer are popular ‘Solos’, miniature ice cream puddings with flavours such as pistachio and white chocolate and caramel crunch.

“I want people to be eating a real product which is locally sourced. We have strived to do that from day one,” said Rob. “We often have clubs, groups and visitors in to have a tour of the factory. We let them have a taste of nasty, ordinary ice cream and then give them a taste of the proper stuff.”

Dolcetti Ice Cream is described by its owners as a factory but members of the public are still able to come in and buy an ice cream cone, a sundae or a banana split and sit down in the parlour to enjoy it.

A huge glass window also allows visitors to watch the ice cream being made.

Find Dolcetti Ice Cream on Love Lane Industrial Estate.