From 4 to 8 June, Sherborne Primary school entertained 17 visiting staff and three pupils from across Europe.

They came as the final visit in a successful two year Comenius partnership.

The partnership is a European project between seven schools, put together to help our pupils learn more about Europe and in particular, with this project, learn to become more environmentally aware.

The school's project was called 'Pachamama', which means Mother Earth.

While the visitors were at the school, they taught lessons in their languages, met parents, friends and families, and were treated to a performance of songs by Sherborne pupils, in French, Swedish, Polish, Dutch and Spanish, followed by a traditional English dance performance and an exhibition of pupil's work, related to the project.

Flora Ellis, a spokesman for the school said: "It really went to show how beneficial European partnerships can be for schools and our visitors were extremely delighted by the English countryside, our hospitality and the sunshine.”

For information on the school visit and for the European project