SOUTH Cerney Parish Council (SCPC) have demanded that Gloucestershire County Council (GCC)repair potholes on London Road near the village to help ensure that a popular cycle race in the town can go ahead next year.

The cycle race, organised by Performance Cycles, formed part of last month’s South Cerney Street Fair and was such a great success SCPC wish to bring it back.

The council have given GCC 12 month’s notice to hold it again next year but only if it takes action to repair potholes on the road, which is used as part of the course.

The issue was brought up at the SCPC meeting last week, by councillor Philip Nicholas, where he expressed concerns that if the potholes are not fixed, riders could crash and hurt themselves.

Cllr Nicholas told GCC councillor Shaun Parsons, who attended the meeting and is the GCC ward councillor for South Cerney, that he was disappointed action had not been taken to fix the problem, after it was reported to GCC .

He hit out at Cllr Parsons for not using his role as ward councillor for the area to get something done about the potholes.

“This has gone on for too long now, we elected you to get something done about these type of issues, ” he said.

Cllr Parsons responded by telling cllr Nicholas that he supported the pothole request and said he would help lobby GCC chief executive , Peter Bungard to take action.

He said: “If you want to object, you need to write to the chief executive. If you write to the chief executive I will endorse the letter for you.”