A JUMBO jet crash simulation is set to take place at Cotswold Airport later this month in front of aviation bosses from around the world.

Engineering firm AMS Systems Engineering, who have a training facility at the airport, will be doing a demonstrating on how its revolutionary new turntable can be used to recover crashed aircraft on June 17.

Using a crashed B747 Jumbo Jet, the huge 50 tonne turntable will be used to lift up the jet to display how to recover planes that have suffered nose gear failure.

“We want to be able to showcase a live demonstration of recovery equipment at our AMS training facility,” said AMS managing director Scott Knight.

“We have the only facility in the world where you can simulate a crashed aircraft then train people hands-on in how to recover it. Certainly, for training purposes, nobody else is coming close to being able to crash and recover a large plane, like an Airbus A300 or B747.”

Following on from the demonstration, on June 18 and 19, AMS will host the annual meeting of the Aircraft Recovery Task Force of the industry body IATA (International Air Transport Association) in Windsor.