THE wait is over for aircraft enthusiasts as the highly-anticipated F35 is due to arrive at RAF Fairford for this year's air tattoo between June 28 and July 3.

The F35-B aircraft attending this year's Royal International Air Tattoo is a real coup for organisers and residents of Fairford.

The aircraft has never once been seen outside of America and this is the first time it will be leaving its home country.

After arriving, the aircraft will be staying in Fairford for around two to three weeks.

"We've been working on getting the F35 to RIAT for 35 years," said CEO of RIAT Tim Prince. "Everyone involved in the tattoo wanted it at Fairford. It's been very hard work."

The F35-B is the so-called STOVL (short take-off/vertical landing) version of the Lightning II as ordered for the US Marine Corps, the UK's Royal Air Force and Royal Navy and Italy.

The Lightning II is currently entering US Marine Corps service, while British pilots are being trained on the aircraft in the USA.