POLICE targeted drink driving and other offences in a traffic operation in Stroud over the weekend.

Over 40 people were breath tested in the Rodborough area, but none were found to be over the legal drink drive limit.

Gloucestershire's Special Constabulary has said the operation represents an encouraging start for this year's summer drink drive campaign.

The ‘Morning After ‘campaign, launched by Gloucestershire’s Road Safety partnership last week, is encouraging drinkers to do the right thing on the night. People should take a lift to the pub or club, share the journey with a designated driver or get a taxi home.

One unit of alcohol can take the body an hour to break down.

For example a person drinking three large glasses of wine in an evening who stops drinking at midnight should not drive for 13 hours.

Away from the breath tests 23 people were recorded speeding and 12 vehicles were found to have defects.

Rectification orders and fixed penalty notices were issued where appropriate.

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, cabinet member for road safety, said: “Many of us enjoy a relaxing summer drink or a big night out every so often.

"The majority of people do the right thing by leaving the car at home, but what they don’t realise is the amount of alcohol that remains in the body through to the following day – and especially during the morning rush hour.”