A MAN miraculously escaped serious injury after his new car flipped over onto its roof after colliding with a tractor and then a lorry on the A429 Fosse Way, near Northleach last week (Wednesday, May 21).

Liam Day (28) was driving home to Warwick along the A429 around 9am when he hit a lorry he was trying to overtake, before being flipped over by an oncoming tractor.

Liam’s Ford Ka skidded along the road on its roof before grinding to a halt, but he was able to walk away with just minor scratches and bruises, whilst his car was totally written off.

A relieved Liam said: “My girlfriend and I had just bought the car and it was an unfortunate incident, however, thanks to the seat belt holding me into the car seat as the vehicle skidded along the road upside down, I feel lucky to be alive."

The truck driver and tractor driver did not suffer any injuries following the incident which meant that the road was closed off for a short time.