THE national swing towards UKIP was mirrored in the South West in the European Election’s announced yesterday.

The Cotswolds and Wiltshire were just two areas to return a Conservative vote, along with Cheltenham and Bath and North East Somerset.

Bristol and Exeter voted Labour, and the only area to return a Liberal Democrat vote was Gibraltar.

The rest of the South West also witnessed the UKIP whitewash with the partying taking Gloucester and Swindon as well as South Somerset, Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane, North Devon, East Devon, Christchurch in Dorset, Cornwall, Teignbridge, Torbay, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Portland.

In those seats where they did not win they came second.

It means that both UKIP and the Conservatives return two MEPs each, with one Labour and one Green Party representative.

Before this week's election the South West MEP make-up included three Conservatives, two UKIP and one Lib Dem.

Now the six MEPs for the South West on the European Parliament are:

  • William Dartmouth (UKIP)
  • Julia Reid (UKIP)
  • Ashley Fox (Con)
  • Julie Girling (Con)
  • Claire Moody (Lab)
  • Molly Cato Scott (Green)

Total votes:

  • UKIP - 484,184
  • Tories - 433,151
  • Labour - 206,124
  • Greens - 166,447
  • Lib Dems - 160,376

In the South West, UKIP won 24 of 38 areas, Tories won 11, Labour two and Lib Dems one with Gibraltar.

The Conservative vote is believed to be down 1.4% in South West with the UKIP vote up 10.3%.

Conservatives topped Cotswold in South West region with 10,863 votes; Ukip second (6,865); Liberal Democrats third (3,063); Green Party fourth (2,254).

Conservatives came top at Wiltshire in South West region with 46,306 votes; Ukip second (40,951); Liberal Democrats third (13,260); Labour fourth (12,961).

Conservatives topped Cheltenham in South West region with 10,123 votes; Ukip second (8,231); Liberal Democrats third (7,161); Green Party fourth (3,558).

Ukip came top in Gloucester in the South West region with 10,173 votes, Conservatives came second 8,715, Labour came third on 6,899, Lib Dems came fourth with 2,329 and Greens fifth with 2,099.

Labour came top at Bristol in South West region with 30,517 votes; Ukip second (25,700); Green Party third (21,916); Conservative fourth (21,105); Liberal Democrats fifth 11,216.