COTSWOLD District Council is hailing the success of its apprenticeship schemes.

The council believes the scheme is a good way of providing employment and training opportunities for young people to help them on the path to a long-term career.

CDC leader Cllr Lynden Stowe, pictured with some of the authority’s apprentices, said there were huge benefits and the council was looking to hire more.

Claire Blundell, 26, and Nathan Owen, 23, joined CDC in 2012 and are currently completing their apprenticeship training.

“None of the jobs I had before had been right for me so I started looking out for an apprenticeship where I could get proper training and qualifications,” said Nathan.

“The last two years have been hard work, but our training plan is really good and I am enjoying my work.”

Other council staff employed after apprenticeships are Rob Cook, now working in ICT, Juzer Esmailji in audit and Jessica May in revenues and benefits.