THE new Mayor of Malmesbury Sue Poole has issued a statement condemning harassment of councillors in the wake of a public row over support for Malmesbury Vics.

In an open letter she said was backed by most of the council, she wrote: “ In the light of various recent media reports and debate, we, the town council, wish to make it clear that we deplore any and all harassment of councillors or others and declare our collective support for all councillors.”

“The town council is subject to a code of conduct. If any resident has an issue whereby they feel a councillor has breached that code, Wiltshire Council has a formal, impartial complaints procedure, open to any resident and in which the Town Council has complete confidence.

“Meanwhile the town council will continue working for the town’s benefit and we welcome members of the public to all our meetings.”

Cllr Simon Killane has alleged he is the victim of a hate campaign by the football club’s supporters, including accusations online, on a petition, newspaper websites and on social media of criminal behaviour.

Club secretary and fellow town councillor Julie Exton has lodged a complaint against him with Wiltshire Council and an adjudication is expected shortly.