ANGRY customers have hit out after a Cirencester beauty spa shut without warning.

Many say they have been left out of pocket as they had already paid for treatments yet to be received at Pure Beauty Spa on Cricklade Street.

The business closed two weeks ago without warning.

Chesterton resident Alvina Sampson and her husband have both lost money from the closure.

“We paid £30 each for a course on the sunbeds,” said Alvina. “All last week they were closed and when we tried ringing, the number is incorrect. We’re extremely annoyed because that’s £60 wasted if they’ve closed down.”

No-one from Pure Beauty Spa has been available to comment.

The firm’s telephone number does not ring or go to an answer phone and instead simply gives a ‘not accessible’ message.

A previous customer, who wished to remain anonymous, got in touch with the Standard to ask what had happened to the spa.

“It seems to have closed very suddenly with no warning or explanation to its clients, many of whom have pre-booked and paid for treatments worth many hundreds, possibly thousands, of pounds,” he said.

“Members of my family had taken advantage of the half price pre-booking offer a few months ago and still had a considerable amount of credit and work outstanding.”

Unhappy customers have vented their frustration on social media.

Many of them said they had purchased vouchers from discount website Groupon but then discovered they could not use them.

People working at neighbouring businesses on Cricklade Street said they were just as puzzled as to the whereabouts of the spa’s owner.

One business owner claimed she had even heard that members of staff at the spa had also not been given any notice of its closure.

Pure Beauty Spa is still advertising its services on various websites.