A NATIONAL children’s charity is looking for families in Gloucestershire to benefit from life-changing equipment it has been given.

Caudwell Children works with families living with disabled children to provide practical and emotional support.

It has been given six therapy tricycles which it hopes to find suitable families for.

The trikes cost up to £1,500 and are individually designed to meet the needs of each child. They provide physiotherapy, build muscle tone and promote play as well as helping children retain independence.

Charity chief executive Trudi Beswick said there were an estimated 6,000 families in the county who may benefit from the gifts.

"We donate hundreds of life changing therapy tricycles to disabled children throughout the UK each year, but we currently have no applicants in Gloucestershire," she said.

"Disabled children get huge physical and emotional benefits from having the specially adapted tricycles. As well as providing regular exercise and physical therapy, the tricycles give children a renewed sense of inclusion which improves self-esteem and confidence."

To find out more or to apply for one of the trikes contact Helen Brandley at Caudwell Children on 01782 600854 or email Helen.Brandley@caudwellchildren.com.