A MOTHER is warning parents and young girls in Gloucestershire to be vigilant after her 15-year-old daughter was approached and inappropriately propositioned by an older man.

Dana Wyatt had been walking home from her part-time job at a nearby pub when a man, who she had spoken to previously at the pub and knew her age, stopped her and suggested she could work with him in the porn industry, according to her mother Kerry Volante, 43.

After the exchange on the corner of Spouthouse Lane, the Rednock School pupil went home and told her mother what had happened, who called the police straight away.

Ms Volante said she was not happy with the police’s reaction to the incident, which she believes was attempted “grooming”.

“I think they should be doing more. They should make it more aware to girls that these people are out there,” she said.

“How is that not a crime when he approached a young girl knowing she is under age? It’s not good enough. I think it’s a poor job that the police can’t do more.

"What's to say he isn't going to do this again?"

The single mother-of-three and lifelong Cam resident from Woodfield said it has had a big impact on Dana, who she described before the incident as “out-going” and a “good achiever”.

“She won’t walk home from school on her own now, I have had to get my grandparents to pick her up because she is too worried to walk on her own,” she said.

“It has shaken her confidence completely. She has gone right back into herself. It’s not easy to forget about for her.

“You always think it will never happen to you so when it does it is quite a shock.”

The housewife has since contacted Victim Support to see whether they can help her child and is also considering counselling via the school.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Police said they had been made aware of the incident.

“Although no criminal offence was committed, officers have issued the man with a Police Information Notice warning the man to not to speak to the girl,” he said.

“If he does and the victim makes a complaint he could be arrested. Our advice to anyone who may be subject to this type of behaviour and you believe that it is inappropriate is to call police immediately."