EIGHT-year-old Dawn Malcock joined St John the Baptist Church Choir in Shipton Moyne in 1944 as her AA (Automobile Association) mechanic father needed a place for her to go whilst he went to work.

And after 70 years, during which the church has had 18 vicars, Dawn is still happily bellowing out hymns.

Dawn, who lives in Tetbury, reached this remarkable seven decade milestone on Easter Sunday and  celebrated it with a choral service at St John the Baptist Church in Shipton Moyne on Sunday May 11 at 4pm “I do enjoy singing in the choir ,” Dawn said.

“I do not know why I have stayed in it really. I lived in Shipton Moyne until 34 years ago and nearly left once, when I said I was leaving the girls in the choir said you are not leaving the village and the choir so I stayed in the choir.”

Dawn went on to say that she was really grateful Chrissie Carling for organising this service and for organist David Bradbury for playing at it.

Vicar of the church, Poppy Hughes, will be speaking at the ‘Songs of Praise’ entitled service , along with several other priests who were in charge during Dawn’s tenure in the choir, such as Jenny Barbour and Lesley Hewish.

As well as singing in a church service once a week, Dawn likes to keep busy by playing bowls and helping run an old people’s class- and she adamant that is going to continue being active.

“As long as I can still drive there I will be there If I can still play bowls I can still be in the choir, “Dawn laughed.