THE Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, visited Cirencester earlier today to discuss the upcoming local and European elections.

At a private event in the town’s Corn Hall, Conservative Boris Johnson spoke to local candidates for over an hour.

“I’m an old friend of Geoffrey Clifton-Brown’s and I’m supporting the local candidates here today. They’re doing a bang-up job,” said Mr Johnson.

“I hope very much people will vote Conservative. My generation never had a say on Europe and nobody my age had a chance to discuss this properly.

“We are the only party offering people a say on Europe.”

Prime Minster David Cameron has promised a referendum on Britain's place in Europe by the end of 2017 if the party wins at the general election next year.

Boris also took the time to discuss one of his favourite hobbies.

“I’m manically pro cycling. The difficulty here on rural B roads is it is quite difficult to cycle safely on them. There are lots of problems with faster roads.”

“In London the speed limit is lower and it is much more doable. But I constantly encourage it.”

Other Conservatives who attended the meeting, which took place on Tuesday at 4pm, included MEP Julie Girling.