A GROUP of touring Cirencester rugby players proved they are stars on and off the pitch after giving a Bristol couple a wedding celebration to remember.

Paul and Claire Edwards, of Downend, were renewing their vows after 20 years with 80 friends and family when they were tackled by 120 touring members of Cirencester Rugby Club's youth squad.

The group of youngsters were staying at the same hotel and had heard that the couple were celebrating the happy event when they decided to act.

They had a whip round and raised enough to give the Edwards' a card containing John Lewis vouchers.

Stunned Paul called the Standard and Cirencester RFC president Bob Spackman to sing the praises of the warm-hearted gesture.

"We celebrated the renewal of our vows on the Saturday and that evening we were told by the hotel that a coachload of players from Cirencester, who were on a junior tour, wanted to see us in reception.

“It was amazing that they should have made the effort," said Paul who also plays rugby for Gordano RFCV near Bristol. “It was such a thoughtful and moving gesture to be honest.

"They presented us with a card and voucher from John Lewis and a gift each which they all had contributed to and had gone out especially to get.

"We were very touched by their gesture. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and it topped off what was a brilliant day."

Proud club president Bob Spackman said he had felt hugely proud when Paul had called him.

"It was a very pleasant telephone call to take," he said. "I understand it was just a spur of the moment thing that the boys decided to do. There is a special ethos in our youth section and a camaraderie that is something special to rugby."