PUPILS at Ann Edwards Primary School in South Cerney got into the pirate spirit at the Cotswold Forest School when they took part in workshops to raise cash to realise the dream of their former headmaster.

Young swashbucklers from the school donned pirate clobber on Friday, April 4 and completed several pirate-themed activities such as walking the plank and swinging on ropes to raise cash for the Mr Richardson Memorial Fund.

A total of £720 was raised for the fund which has been set up by the school so it can build a pirate ship themed play area – something that former head Stephen Richardson had always wanted to build for his pupils.

Jono Kimberley, who manages the Cotswold Forest School, said at the workshop: “All the children are enjoying themselves. There is lots of laughter and working together. Everyone is having a good time and most importantly just having fun. They are just being children, just as children should be.

“Stephen really supported the Forest School so it is great to pay something back to him.”

Staff from the school and parents rallied round to help organise and run the event.

Jono later also raised cash for the fund later the same evening when he shaved off half his beard, moustache and hair at The Old George Inn in South Cerney.

So far around £4,000 has been raised for the pirate play area and it is hoped that up to £10,000 can be raised in total.

Mr Richardson died in January, after being in charge of the school, which is on Berkeley Close, since 2003.

The school is planning a variety of fundraising events to raise money for the fund in the next year.

To donate or to help with fundraising please contact Claire Watson on 07764 198696 or email clw2810@yahoo.co.uk